WATER FIELD KAYAKS company is a representative kayak maker in Japan. Mr. Mizuno who is the president is very passionate and his enthusiasm is reflected in his products.
He is TOP not only manufacturer but also as a kayak player. In other words, he can evaluate his work with the skill as a paddler. I think that this is the most important thing as a kayak maker or as a person who develops products.
And the video below is an introduction of Mr. Mizuno's artistic work, Qaanaaq Mosquito 5 pieces version.


"Qaanaaq series" is a Greenland style kayak that WFK has released for many years. Of course, there are many users in Japan. And overseas is becoming similar as well. In 2015, a kayak manufacturer named " Nordes Kayak" in Spain signed a license agreement with WFK. They are developing the Eruopean specification "Qaanaaq Sabine". In addition to this, there are the following line-ups. I can receive your order about them. However, please note that exporting to overseas will cost a lot of money. Of course, if you come to Japan, I can set up a test paddling opportunity for you with them. Please ask me anything without hesitation.

Qaanaaq Mosquito
Length : 480cm
Width : 50cm
Weight : 13kg

Qaanaaq 512(SS)
Length : 512cm
Width : 50cm
Weight : 15kg

Length : 555cm
Width : 50.5cm / SS 49cm
Weight : 16kg

Qaanaaq Sabine
Length : 531cm
Width : 51cm
Weight : 16.5kg


The following video is the first of "Qaanaaq Sabine" made in Spain. As you can see, the ease of rolling is similar to other Qaanaaq. Originally, Qaanaaq was developed according to the Japanese body. It is obvious that it may be small for Europeans and Americans. Mr. Mizuno enlarged the size without losing the advantageous performance of some rolls and reproduced it to Europe specifications. If you are interested in this, you should contact "Nordes Kayak" now.


Please let me tell you a little about WFK and Qaanaaq. I think the achievement that WFK brought to "Greenland style" in Japan is wonderful. Currently, most of the people who are making Qajaq (Skin on Frame Kayak) have longing for "Qaanaaq". What they are aiming is just Qaanaaq. We are affected so much by that. Probably, if Qaanaaq did not exist, the "Greenland style" in Japan would not be established. Mr. Mizuno is always passionate and does not compromise his research. He also deserves praise as a paddler skill. And also, he does not choose the genre. He is familiar with all the kayak scenes. And he never stops. Forward is the word that symbolizes him. I appreciate him from the bottom of my heart.
It was in 2004 that we saw the first Qaanaaq. It was clearly designed with Qajaq as a mold. However, as you know, Qajaq should be customized for each user. There is no versatility there. From that point of view, the first Qaanaaq who could not find the common terms of users was hard to get on. But Mr. Mizuno's development did not end there. He gathered impressions from the test riders and reflected it in the next generation of Qaanaaq. The result of repeating that is the current Qaanaaq. Perhaps it may be the fifth generation. Certainly, QajaqJPN's activities recommend "Qajaq". However, we should not forget that there was WFK's Qaanaaq as backbone. STORM ON will continue to support Qaanaaq.