QajaqJPN is a club enjoying traditional style kayaks (Greenland or Aleut) in Japan. It was founded in 2003 by me. Initially, there was only a dozen people of members. We made a enlightment activities through th "G-style 200X" and " GUTS". By doing that, the number of members has increased by almost 100 people. Not only Japanese not also foreign members belong to it. And now, QajaqJPN is one of official clubs of Qaannat Kattuffiat that is a biggest qajaq club in Greenland.


If you love a traditional style kayak, they will welcome you. Roll and kayak making skill are not important for joinning. Anyway, if you are interested in it, you should e-mail them soon. They carry out "GUTS" onece a year, and "Practice meeting" planned every month. By participating these, you will be able to get various knowledge and skills.


I will explain why I personally run STORM ON in addition to QajaqJPN. Just so you know, I quite like Storm Roll. Storm Roll need, if anything, a kind of high skill to success it. That's why I hesitate to tell it at the beginner's gate. So I would like to support " improve skills" in QajaqJPN. Accurately, STORM ON is not a sponsor for QajaqJPN. It is just a supporter.