The etymology of "Kayak" is "Qajaq". However, Qajaq is not synonymous with a plastic boat. Qajaq is only Qajaq. If you want to know more about Qajaq, I recommend you the right book. This book is written in the language of Greenland, Danish, English. The sentence is simple, it is very easy to understand. Also useful as a reference book for making Qajaq. I have made so many Qajaq so far. Every one of them is referring to this book. You can download the PDF from here.


It is important to know each part name to read the reference books or in actual Qajaq making. I attached the name of each part to the figure below. As you can see, the structure of Qajaq is very simple. There are several parts between the two gunwales. I pay homage to ancient Greenlanders who came up with such a structure. I will explain how to make actual Qajaq on other pages.


There are several reasons why I like Qajaq. The first reason is "handmade". It can be customized according to my physique and I will let my thoughts penetrate into Qajaq itself. In other words, it may have elements of the spirit world. In the past, whether the people of Greenland had faith the animism or not, I do not know. However, I have ever read an article about the presence of a shaman in Greenland, somewhere.