Leg Drive

20181223 Updated


"Leg Drive" advocated by my friend James Manke brought me a little revolution. As many kayakers do, my roll also depended on paddles and arms. About the use of the lower body, it is at most about the grip of the kayak. Or not used. ┐('~`;)┌
How much do you pay attention to your lower body in rolls? If you can use the lower body effectively, your roll may all change. Probably Greenland's kayakers may not use the lower body like this in their rolls. However, if you are going to join "National Championship" in Greenland, you should master this technique perfectly. Then you may be able to win some medals. Good luck! (^^)v


Load and Drive... this technique improves the roll in a very big way. It is a combination of lifting one leg and dropping the other. You then snap both legs the opposite way and add torso rotation. In counterclockwise direction, strech out your right knee and push it against the floor. And bend your left knee so that it presses against the deck or the kneebrace. You may need to practice to use this movement properly. And "Leg Drive" is not only effective for storm rolls, it can also be applied to other rolls.