If you want to learn some Greenland rolls or how to make a Qajaq that is Greenland traditional style kayak, please ask me without hesitation. I will welcome you always and it's my pleasure.
Usually, I will teach them to members of QajaqJPN. And I also similar activities abroad sometimes. The events that I was (am) invited as a lecturer are as shown on the right.

2011 : SSTIKS (USA)
2012 : 1er Simposio de Qajaq Artico (Argentina)
2013 : Delmarve Paddlers Retreat (USA)
2017 : G-style2017 (Sakhalin, Russia)
2017 : Memorial Ruskin Herman (Tenerife, Spain)
2019 : Greenland Rolling in Greece with Eiichi Ito (Ithaca, Greece)


[Rolling Class]
About some roll lectures, lessons in one event usually take two days. However, I can adjust the dates according to your request. I will prepare two classes, they are "Practical training" and "Dry lecture". "Practical training" is the actual practice at sea. I'll teach rolls to participants as one on one. "Dry lecture" is like a presentation at the onshore (hall of the accommodation or restaurant). It wiil be held after the "Practical training". I will use roll animations which are my own way of this class. BTW, I don't care about participants' skill and welcome everyone.

[Making Class]
The number of days required for the Qajaq making class is roughly 10 days. If you host and plan this, you need to arrange the materials and work place. In the making class in Argentina in 2012, we used a restaurant inside the camping park as a work place. If you don't know the dimensions and quantity of the materials, please ask me.


Actually, I'm an ordinary office worker in Japan. So, comparing with people in other countries, it's hard to get a long holiday, just so you know. This is a bad custom in Japan. Under such circumstances, there is a somewhat advantageous period for getting holiday. It's between July and September. I can use leave of about 10 consecutive days. And this is important. I don't need any reward or salary for lectures. All my lectures are free. I will only ask for the necessary expenses. Anyway, I would like to meet you in the real world, not the virtual.