My roll classes in Greece 2019.


I will go to Greece for the roll classes in September of next year (2019). This is an annual overseas activity for me. My mission is to spread Greenland style to more countries. So, I am pleased to teach abroad every year. The organizer Adriana made leaflets. Please check them out.
You can dowload the files form below.

For European

For Japanese


I'm not sure but I'm going to teach you 5 basic rolls. They are "Side Sculling", "Standard Greenland Roll", "Chest Sculling", "Reverse Sweep Roll" and "Storm Roll". These rolls are the basis of high skill techniques in Greenland Rolls. If you want to master various rolls, you should learn thems perfectly. Of course, I'll do my best for you to get them.
When the lecture contents are confirmed, I will inform you of it in this site and Facebook. Or, if you have some requests, please contact me.


I will prepare lectures on land as well. I call this a "dry lecture." You can see several animations in this lecture. My main work is to create character animation for video games. By viewing the animation of the rolls you will learn from various angles, you may be able to recognize the complex movement of some rolls. And these make you excited very much. If you like them and want to get some original animation data, I will gladly offer them to you after the lecture. Please prepare the recording medium and join the lecture.