About this site.


This site is part of my mission. I would like to spread the fun of Greenland style to the world regardless of borders or religion. Greenland style kayaking has elements close to human instinct. That means "survive." People have to eat to live. Economic activity was sparse in Greenland in the past. So, they had to raise food by themselves. That "food" is mainly in the extremely cold sea in front of their eyes. They just developed Qajaq by instinct. I sincerely pay homage to that sturdy viability.


There are many dangers in the sea of extreme cold. The most dangerous among them is "capsize". If you escape from Qajaq to breathe, you will have hypothermia soon. Or you may be attacked by marine beasts. "Greenland Roll" was developed to recover quickly from those dangerous situations.Now, there are 70 types of rolls, including for competition.


Among them, a Storm Roll is my favorite. It has speedy, elegant and very functional movements. Let me say clearly, it's not so easy to get but practical. I strongly recommend you to master this skill. So, I will try to explain the wonderfulness of storm rolls and practice methods on this site. I believe that introductions of these skills will also be useful for members of QajaqJPN. Also, I would like to establish a system that can support QajaqJPN by utilizing the independence of personal site.